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Sustainable Growth Webinar Series

Past Webinars​​​

​​​When Driving is Not an Option: Designing Transportation for Involuntary Non-drivers Improves Accessibility for All​

​Recorded June 13​, ​2024


​One third of people living in the United States do not have a driver license. The majority of involuntary nondrivers are disabled, lower income, unhoused, formerly incarcerated, undocumented immigrants, kids, young people, and the elderly. They are also largely invisible due to a mobility system designed almost exclusively for drivers. The speakers in th​is webinar explained that when the needs of involuntary nondrivers are viewed as essential to how we design our transportation systems and our communities, not only will they be able to more easily get where we need to go, but the changes will lead to healthier, climate-friendly communities for everyone.

  • Anna Zivarts, (Anna's Slides) author of When Driving is Not an Option 
  • Dustin Black, Michigan Department of Transportation’s Engineer working on Design/Development/Operations
  • Rebekah Kik, Assistant City Manager for the City of Kalamazoo​

​Dangerous by D​esign: How Street Design Contributes to the Pedestrian Safety Crisis

​Recorded June 6, 2024


​This webinar dove into Dangerous by Design 2024, detailed the national trends in the epidemic of pedestrian deaths, looked at which metro areas are the most dangerous for pedestrians, and offered interventions, such as quick-builds, that can help stem the tide of pedestrian fatalities. Dangerous by Design 2024 was released on May 30, 2024.

Over the Seawall: The Delusion of Controlling Nature 

Recorded April 18, 2024


​Presented by Stephen Robert Miller​

In this webinar, Stephen Miller shared stories behind the unintended consequences and the fixes that can do more harm than good from his new book, Over the Seawall. Discover what we can learn from Stephen’s study of maladaptation practices​.

How Zoning Broke the American City and How to Fix It

Recorded April 11, 2024​


M. Nolan Gray, the author of Arbitrary Lines: How Zoning Broke the American City and How to Fix It, and Toccarra Nicole Thomas, AICP, the Director of Land Use and Development and Executive Director of Form-Based Codes Institute at Smart Growth America, discussrd zoning reforms and how to create more equitable and useful places to live. 

​Human Transit: How Clearer Thin​king about Public Transit Can Enrich Our Communities and Our Lives

Recorded March 21, 2024​​​​​


Jarrett Walker talked about his new book, Human Transit, Revised Edition, and offered guidance to achieve successful public transit that will enrich any community. Here are some useful links that Jarrett shared during his presentation.

The Affordable City​: Supply, Stability, and Subsidy — and Lessons Since 2020

Recorded February 22, 2024​​​​


​During this webinar, Shane reviewed the core principles of the housing crisis, his Three S’s approach, and what lessons he has learned since his book was originally published in 2020. 

Climate Resilience for an Aging Nation

Reco​rded D​​ecember 5, 2023


Danielle Arigoni uplifts the often-ignored needs of older Americans in her new book Climate Resilience for an Aging Nation. Arigoni outlines how to create safer, more livable communities in a changing world by integrating aging considerations into community planning and disaster preparedness efforts. 
Danielle discussed the unique needs of older adults and how to meet the challenges they face through new planning approaches, including an age-friendly process and a planning framework dedicated to inclusive disaster recovery.

Beyond Greenways: The Next Step for City Trails and Walking Routes

Recorded October 31,​ 2023​


Greenways expert Robert Searns wants to change that. He envisions communities that provide more accessible pathways, wide enough for two people to stroll together, that stitch together urban and suburban areas. He brings this vision to life in his new book, Beyond Greenways: The Next Step for City Trails and Walking Routes. In this webinar, Robert discussed the tools needed to develop successful and affordable plans for more trails.

Walkinar 4: Equity​

Recorded October 26, 2023


Panelists Michael Rodriguez, AICP,  Director of Research at Smart Growth America, Matt Johnson, AICP, Bikeways Coordinator for the Division of Transportation Engineering, Montgomery County Department of Transportation, and Charles L. Marohn, Jr., Founder and President of Strong Towns and Author, discussed equity issues in walking design and how to improve not just the designs of roads, sidewalks, and transit stops for people with vision disabilities but also the planning and design processes.

Walkinar 3: Maryland Initiatives

Recorded October 19, 2023


Panelists Molly Porter, AICP, Bicycle and Pedestrian Planner for the Regional and Intermodal Planning Division of the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA), Doug Mowbray, Data Program Manager for the Maryland Highway Safety Office, and Chester Harvey, Director of the Transportation Policy Research Group at the National Center for Smart Growth, presented walkable urban design and its implications for multimodal transportation and placemaking.

​​​Walkinar 2: Infrastructure and Safety

Recorded October 12, 2023


Panelists Edward Erfurt, Director of Community Action at Strong Towns, Wesley Mitchell, PE,  Senior Vice President / Mid-Atlantic Transportation Planning lead, and Kathryn Hendley, AICP, Lead Transportation Planner, presented the future of infrastructure and safety for walking.​

Walkinar 1: National and State Perspectives

Recorded October 5, 2023


Panelists Mike McGinn, Executive Director for  America Walks, and Mike Watson, Director for Liveable Communities at AARP, discussed trends in walkability at the national level, in particular the increased funding available for safe streets and new initiatives for safer vehicles. Mike also shared ways in which individuals can help build momentum in their local communities for more walkable, accessible places.​

Inclusive Transportation -- Rethinking Transportation Planning and Engineering

Recorded September 19, 2023


​How are accessible transportation plans created and successfully executed? They start by serving people over cars and disrupting the status quo of the transportation industry. They look at the past injustice that transit projects created while elevating current practices to do the hard work involved in making safer and more useful systems. Veronica Davis, author of Inclusive Transportation: A Manifesto for Repairing Divided Communities, and Lynn Peterson, author of Roadways for People: Rethinking Transportation Planning and Engineering, shared their decades of collective transportation experience in this webinar.

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