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Our Work

The Maryland Department of Planning (Planning) promotes a vision for economic development, flexibility and local authority throughout Maryland. The agency helps Maryland's counties and municipalities in land use and resource planning and provides review and technical assistance on a variety of planning topics. In addition, Planning offers data, analysis and research assistance and policy development and implementation support to local governments as well as communities, businesses and other organizations.

As Planning monitors and forecasts changes in development and land use throughout the state, its staff creates tools that help plan Maryland's future. Information on demographic, socio-economic, political, cultural, geographic and land-use trends is collected, analyzed, and distributed in multiple formats. Planning supports interactive, web-based map display of census data, land-use, parcel data and aerial imagery to assist local government growth and land-use planning decisions.​

New to Our Work

Models & Guidelines: The Housing Element

Planning has a long history of creating M&Gs to assist jurisdictions with their needs, particularly in response to new legislative requirements. The new Housing M&G builds upon this legacy and creates similar resources and guidance in response to House Bill (HB) 1045 (2019). Planning believes that state guidance can help Maryland’s communities meet the requirements of state law and address local housing objectives. While a housing element is now included as a mandatory element for comprehensive plans, and the new HB 1045 (2019) legislation provides specific definitions and requirements for low income and workforce housing, the format and strategies should be generated locally.

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