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Interactive Maps

If it is true that "a picture tells a thousand words", then a map tells volumes. Maps are a universal medium for communication. People have been using maps for as long as they have wondered, "What's over there?" A map is a scaled, graphic representation of the real world and a means for conveying a lot of information geographically.

MDP has been using geographic information systems (GIS) to answer questions and formulate scenarios for close to 40 years. A GIS is simply a map. When you go to an Internet roadmap for directions, you are using a GIS. MDP is pleased to make some of our most valuable data available to the public as interactive GIS maps. Just like the online roadmap, you can search and address and learn about the surrounding area. The maps convey Information such as population change (Census 2010), how much residential development has occurred (residential growth) and the area where you vote (legislative districts), to name a few.

We hope you find these maps useful and welcome your suggestions on other applications.

Adobe Flash version 10 or higher is required to view the interactive mapping applications. Additional online mapping applications for the State are also available at the MDiMAP portal.

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thumbnail MDP Parcel ViewerEconomic Characteristics for Maryland from the American Community Survey MD Census and ACS Viewer Congressional Districts Map Legislative Districts Map thumbnail of Finder Online Map  thumbnail of Finder Online Mobile Map thumbnail of Local and State Targeted Growth and Conservation Areas Details Land Use / Land Cover thumbnail of Land Use / Land Cover change Map Compare Multi-year Imagery thumbnail of Maryland Imagery map  thumbnail of Population Growth map Preserve Maryland Application Button Priority Funding Areas  thumbnail of Scenic Byways Map thumbnail of Sea Level Rise Map Septic system  thumbnail of Tax Map thumbnail of TOD Map​​​​