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Paper Tax Map Orders are currently unable to be filled.  

Digital Tax Map Orders should be emailed to virginia.hawkins@maryland.gov.​​

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Paper Tax Map Orders are currently unable to be filled. 

Digital Tax Map Orders should be emailed to virginia.hawkins@maryland.gov​.​

Paper Tax Maps 2’ by 3’ B&W with color detail or Digital .TIF Tax Map Images

How Do I Order Tax Maps?

Paper tax maps are  $25.00 per map, which includes processing, shipping and handling. If you order 50 or more, the price is  $5.00 per map . Digital tax maps are $10.00 per map  and are available in TIF format. The images are not georeferenced; they include legend and border information. 

There are several options for ordering. For credit card orders, you can call (410) 767-1420. Or you can print the order form, fill in the appropriate information and mail(credit cards and checks), fax (credit card orders only) or email (credit card orders only) your order: 

FAX: 410-767-4480 
Attention: Property Maps 

Maryland Department of Planning, Planning Data Services 
301 West Preston Street, Room 1101, Baltimore MD 21201-2305 
Attention: Property Maps 

Digital (.TIF) tax map images are sent via email or on DVD via First Class USPS mail at no additional charge depending on total file size. You must supply your email address to place a digital tax map order. Paper copies of tax maps are sent First Class USPS mail at no additional charge.

About Tax Maps

Paper Tax Map sample showing property boundaries and elevation maps together 
  Example Section from a Paper Tax Map  

Tax maps, also known as assessment maps, property maps or parcel maps, are a graphic representation of real property showing and defining individual property boundaries in relationship to contiguous real property. The primary purpose of these maps is to help State tax assessors locate properties for assessments and taxation purposes. Tax maps are also used by federal, State and local government agencies as well as private sector firms for a variety of analyses and decision making processes.

The Property Mapping Section, part of the Maryland Department of Planning's Planning Data Services (PDS) division, is responsible for maintaining electronic tax maps and generating paper tax maps for the 23 counties in Maryland. For Baltimore City, MDP maintains a parcel point file and digital database of parcel polygons . The State's more than 2800 county tax maps are managed in a Geographical Information System (GIS) environment and updated annually using new property plats and deed changes obtained from the State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT). The electronic tax maps form the foundation for many of MDP’s products and services, includingMdProperty ViewFINDER and FINDER Online.

MDP’s Property Mapping Section has maintained tax maps for the Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation since 1996. New parcels and subdivision lots are added every year to each county set of tax maps, and each property in a county is linked to its corresponding SDAT assessments database record during the annual update cycle. In recent years, the Property Mapping Section has worked to improve the overall quality of the tax maps by using data registered to large scale aerial photography.


An Important Note about Town Maps

MDP’s paper tax maps are typically printed at a 600 feet per inch scale in non-town areas, where parcels and lots are usually larger. In incorporated town areas, more detailed blow-up maps that show the smaller properties at a readable size are typically available at a 200 feet per inch scale. The properties included on these smaller scale maps are often not included on larger scale panels.

When using the online map, be aware of this difference when checking the county index map as you navigate your way around the county.

You can arrange to pick up your Tax Map order at MDP’s Baltimore City Office by prior arrangement only:


To place your order call: (410) 767-1420 and ask to place a Tax Map order.

Maryland Department of Planning

Planning Data Services

301 West Preston Street - Room 1101

Baltimore, MD 21201-2305

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IMPORTANT!  Please note that we are not equipped to handle walk-in orders at this time, and therefore we cannot guarantee service for walk-in orders. Please call ahead before you come to MDP to pick up a Tax Map order.​

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