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No Representation Without Population Act

(SB 400HB 496)

Pursuant to Maryland law passed in 2010, the​ Maryland census data must be adjusted for purposes of creating congressional, state legislative, and local districting plans. Generally, the law requires that the census data must be adjusted to reassign Maryland residents in correctional institutions to their last known address and to exclude out-of-state residents in correctional institutions from redistricting. The Federal Bureau of Prisons will not release last known address information for the incarcerated individuals in the federal prison in Cumberland, Maryland. Thus, the federal incarcerated individuals will be counted at the federal prison in accordance with the Maryland Department of Planning regulations adopted to implement the No Representation Without Population Act. For further information contact the Maryland Department of Planning at 410-767-4500 or the Maryland Department of Legislative Services at 410-946-5200 or 301-970-5200.


Summary Table: 2010 Adjusted Census Population for Maryland by County and Region​​​