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Online Redistricting Mapping Portal Available

The 2020 Census data for redistricting has been adjusted according to Maryland law requiring that population data ​be adjusted to reassign persons incarcerated in Maryland correctional institutions to their last known address and to exclude out-of-state people in correctional institutions. These data are available for download from the data download page​. Redistricting maps must be based on this adjusted data. For more information about creating and submitting maps to the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission, visit the Online Redistricting Mapping Portal.​

Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission

For the first time in state historyan independent Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission has been charged with drawing fair legislative and congressional maps for the 2022 elections. The commission consists of nine people — three co-chairs appointed by the governor and six members at-large, including  three Republicans, three Democrats, and three independents. The commission is currently conducting regional public listening tour to allow citizens to share their comments and concerns on the process of redistricting and the commission’s work.

Visit the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission website to learn more

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Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission Holds 12th Virtual Public Meeting Next Monday Night (September 20)​ 

Commission Encourages Marylanders to DrawRedistricting Maps/Participate In Virtual Meeting



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