2017 Census of Agriculture

Demographics (7/20)

Data for Maryland and its Jurisdictions

 Tables :

Table 1.    Principal Farm Operators:  Age PDF | XLSX
Table 2a.  Principal Farm Operators:  Race and Sex PDF | XLSX
Table 2b.  Principal Farm Operators:  Percent of All Operators by Race and Sex    PDF | XLSX
Table 3a.  Principal Farm Operators:  Selected Characteristics and Tenure PDF | XLSX
Table 3b.  Principal Farm Operators:  Percent Operators, Farms, Acreage PDF | XLSX
Table 4a.  Principal Farm Operators:  Net Income from Farm Operations (Current $) PDF | XLSX
Table 4b.  Principal Farm Operators:  Net Income from Farm Operations (Constant $)    PDF | XLSX
Table 5.    Principal Farm Operations: Type of Farms PDF | XLSX