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Note to the users:
In 1993, the Maryland Department of Planning and the Maryland State Highway Administration entered into a Data Base Usage Agreement with Bell Atlantic and Data Chromatics, Inc. to develop an enhanced street address map for Maryland. Zip Code boundary area files were one of the products derived from this partnership. The resulting boundary area files were intended to improve the cartographic quality and accuracy of the zip code boundary area files derived from the U.S. Census Bureau's post 1990 Census TIGER\Line Files (based on the Census Bureau's zip code tabulation areas, ZCTAs). Subsequent iterative improvements to the Zip Code boundary area files have been made using premise address information associated with mapped parcel records as provided in the Maryland Department of Planning's MdProperty View GIS tax map and parcel record DVD product. The resulting files are meant to serve as a "good approximation" of zip codes as polygons (which in reality they are not) but are not official Zip Code maps and are not meant to be a substitute for any products offered by the U.S. Postal Service, the official source for zip code information. While there are no restrictions on their use we do recommend that they are best used with MdProperty View and that MDP makes no guarantee or warranty regarding the files. ​​

Census 2010 Boundary Maps

Thematic Maps

 2000 to 2010 Change in Population by Race/Hispanic Origin by Census Tract Equivalence Area

 2010 Census for Jurisdiction, Zip Code and Census Tract

 2007 to 2011 Multi-Year American Community Survey 5-year Estimates for Census Tract

Historical Census Maps

Census 2000 Shape FilesCensus Tract | Block | Block Group ​​


Census 2000 Boundary Maps

  1. Census Tract : 
    1. Census Tract Maps With Street Overlays
    2. 8 1/2 X 11 Census Tract Maps with No Street Overlays (for Printing)
  2. Minor Civil Divisions
  3. Census Incorporated Places and Census Designated Places
  4. Block Groups
  5. Block
  6. Zip Code Tabulation Area (ZCTAs)
  7. Census 2000 Public Use Microdata Areas
  8. Census 2000 Urban Areas(6/02)
  9. Components of 2000 Statistical Areas: (6/09)
    1. Metropolitan Statistical Area : Map and Data (XLS PDF)
    2. Micropolitan Statistical Area : Map and Data (XLS PDF)
    3. Combined Statistical Areas : Map and Data (XLS PDF)​

Census 2000 Thematic Maps

  1. SF1 - General Demographic Characteristics : County | Census Tract
  2. SF3 -Select Social, Economic and Housing Characteristics : County | Place | Census Tract​

Census 1990 Boundary Maps in PDF format

Congressional and Legislative Districts

Following each decennial Census of the United States, Maryland, like all states, must draw new Congressional districts (U.S. Constitution Article I, Section 2) and State Legislative districts (Maryland Constitution Article III, Section 5) based on the principal of one-person one-vote.

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