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Census 2000


Census 2000 Data and Information

Census 2000 General Demographic, Social, Economic and Housing Four Page Summary Profiles

Quick Tables

Four Page Profiles:

Table DP-1. Profile of General Demographic Characteristics
Table DP-2. Profile of Selected Social Characteristics
Table DP-3. Profile of Selected Economic Characteristics
Table DP-4. Profile of Selected Housing Characteristics

About the Profile

State of Maryland

Maryland's Jurisdictions (Released May 29, 2002)

Allegany Anne Arundel Baltimore Calvert
Caroline Carroll Cecil Charles
Dorchester Frederick Garrett Harford
Howard Kent Montgomery Prince George's
Queen Anne's St. Mary's Somerset Talbot
Washington Wicomico Worcester Baltimore City


  • Census Incorporated Places and Census Designated Places
  • List of Places by County: XLS or PDF
  • Metropolitan Statistical Areas:
  • Maryland 108th Congressional Districts

    Acrobat Format:               

    One Two Three Four
    Five Six Seven Eight


    Excel Format:

    One Two Three                Four
    Five Six Seven                Eight


  • Census 2000 & 1990 Profiles and Change Between 2000 & 1990 for Maryland's Jurisdictions

    Note: In Constant dollars tables, all 1990 income data is expressed in 1999 constant dollars. All 1990 housing cost data is expressed in 2000 constant dollars. This allows for direct comparison between 1990 and 2000 census data adjusted for inflation.

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