TOD Potential in Maryland

​Maryland has great potential for TOD in existing and future transit station areas, yet challenges remain. Four rail transit systems and three proposed systems provide over 150 stations, with approximately 85,850 acres within a half-mile radius of the station areas. Of those, close to 15,000 acres surrounding existing stations are considered underused or vacant, likely offering opportunities for TOD. While we describe the general TOD potential and challenges for each transit corridor in the follow-up sections, TOD potential among different modes or stations varies widely and must be assessed on a case by case basis.

Status Transit Line Facility Type Number of Stations Est. Daily Ridership Station Area Acreage Development Potential Acreage
Existing Baltimore Metro Heavy Rail 14 48,500 7,028 1,475
Existing Baltimore Light Rail Light Rail 33 27,600 16,566 4,436
Existing MARC Commuter Rail Service 38* 36,000 21,084 5,201
Existing Washington Area Metro Heavy Rail 26* 137,997* 13,052 3,726
Proposed Purple Line Light Rail 21 74,000*** 10,542  
Proposed Corridor Cities Transitway Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) 16 35,900** 8,032  
​ ​ Proposed Transitway Lines​ ​ ​ ​ ​


  • Development Potential Acreage: Acres below average property value within a 1/2 mile radius of a station area
  • Station Area Acreage: Acres within a ½ mile radius of a station area. Station area overlaps are not excluded from the acreage calculation.
  • * Represents Maryland stations only
  • **2035 estimate
  • ***2040 estimate
  • Sources: 2011 WMATA ridership data and MTA Ridership Forecasts



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