Economic Development Element & Outline

Business BuildingWhile economic development is included as one of Maryland’s 12 Planning Visions, it is not a required element in comprehensive plans. However, economic development is a major motivation for coordinated land use planning. The Placing Jobs economic development element outline identifies the type of information that i​s generally found in comprehensive plans an​d provides links to the data sources that are commonly used to incorporate economic development.

While there are many ways to incorporate economic development into the comprehensive plan process, Placing Jobs online resource provides an effective way to organize or consider economic development strategies that are consistent with your community’s land use goals. The Placing Jobs economic development element outline represents a composite of job-creating strategies and practices gathered from a review of local government comprehensive plans. It can be useful during 10-year comprehensive plan updates to evaluate how effectively your jurisdiction accesses resources and incentives and coordinates with other economic development organizations.

Below is the outline for an economic development element. It is important to coordinate with organizations referenced in each section and apply the components of the outline that match the economic development goals of your jurisdiction. Most economic development data is available and reported at the county level. Where municipal data is also available, it is indicated in the data links. It is noted in the Economic Data section that there are limitations to certain data sources when applying the information to analysis.

Economic Development Element Outline

Introduction and Purpose
Identifying an Economic Profile
  • Analysis of Major Economic Sectors
  • Workforce Analysis
  • Economic and Market Projections
  • Current Economic Policy Plans, Organizations, and Implementation

Estimating Capacity and Financial Sustainability
  • Considering Development Capacity
  • Considering Transportation Systems and Public Facilities
  • Balancing Housing Opportunities

Growth Strategies for Major Economic Sectors
  • Coordinating Workforce Training

Targeting Areas for Economic Growth
  • Strategies for Infill, Redevelopment & Revitalization
Summary of Policies and Actions