Maryland Growth & Conservation

Portrait photo of Secreteray Richard Eberhat Hall.Information about managing growth, conservation of natural resources and impact of growth in Maryland can be found within, the official site of the Maryland Department of Planning. MDP’s website offers a wide range of land use and resource planning information and technical assistance for local governments and Maryland residents.

Among these resources are an interactive map of local and state identified growth and conservation areas to improve the coordination of planning at the state and local level, socio-economic data at the State Data Center and downloadable geographic information systems (GIS) data.

Explore the MDP site beginning with these links.


Supporting Communities

Preserving Resources

Enriching Lives

Reinvest Maryland​​​​​ Land Use & Land Cover maps and data Placing Jobs: Economic Development and Planning
Maryland Growth & Conservation Map Historic Preservation Plan for Maryland Socioeconomic and Demographic Trends
Priority Funding Areas Land Preservation and
Planning Data and GIS​
Preservation and Rehabilitation
for Re-Use Of Historic Buildings
Economic Characteristics for Maryland from the ACS
Census and ACS in Maryland