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Development Capacity Task Force

Final Report

October 2003 Governor Ehrlich established the Development Capacity Task force with his Priority Places Executive Order. The Task Force was charged with reviewing methods to estimate development capacity (i.e., buildable land inventories or buildout), and with recommending uses for this information. They delivered their final report to the Governor on July 1, 2004.

Click below for a PDF (viewable in Acrobat Reader) version of the report. Please note that this is a large file (35 MB), so a broadband connection is necessary to download. We recommend that you use a current version of Adobe’s Acrobat Reader. This free software can be obtained from their webpage: http://get.adobe.com/reader/

Development Capacity Task Force - Final Report (7/1/04)


Guidebook for Estimating Residential Development Capacity

Sparked by the findings presented in the Final Report of the Development Capacity Task Force (referenced above), the State of Maryland and local governments (represented by the Maryland Municipal League and the Maryland Association of Counties) committed themselves to conducting development capacity analyses for all local jurisdictions in the State.

The guidebook below is based on the Report and will assist local governments in Maryland with conducting a development capacity analysis for their jurisdiction.

There are two possible versions of the guidebook, both are available in PDF format (viewable in Acrobat Reader), the first is a short four page- Models and Guidelines Summary of the Development Capacity Analysis, the second is more comprehensive providing information on data needs and collection and methodologies used in conducting the analysis.

Models and Guidelines Summary: Development Capacity Analysis (Short Version, July 2005)

Estimating Residential Development Capacity: A Guidebook for Analysis and Implementation in Maryland​ (Long Version, August 2005)​