State Clearinghouse


The Maryland State Clearinghouse continues to process all applications for intergovernmental review. Applicants must submit to the Clearinghouse the project/program/proposal electronically via e-mail. For Clearinghouse intergovernmental review requests and inquiries, please continue to send them to

The Maryland State Clearinghouse for Intergovernmental Assistance (commonly referred to as clearinghouse) does not award grants or any other financial assistance. The primary mission of the clearinghouse is to ensure that financial and non-financial assistance projects operating within Maryland are consistent with state and local policies and programs. This is accomplished by circulating requests for financial assistance, plans and development projects to state, regional and local public officials.

Project applications for the following federal and state financial assistance programs should be submitted to the State Clearinghouse for notification and intergovernmental review.

The clearinghouse also provides access to information regarding state, federal, and private financial assistance programs and grantsmanship and training resources.

The role of the clearinghouse in the grant process was established through Presidential Executive Order 12372 and Gubernatorial Executive Order 01.01.1983.17, signed by President Ronald Reagan in 1982 and Governor Harry Hughes in 1983, respectively. The role of the clearinghouse in other activities has been established by various legislative actions.

The clearinghouse is a unit within the Maryland Department of Planning. The Maryland Department of Planning has had several official names since issuance of the above executive orders and you may see them in the clearinghouse web pages. For your information and clarity, the historical evolution of the Maryland Department of Planning is provided in the Maryland Manual.

State Resources

To find grant resources in other State of Maryland agencies and colleges please also visit the website.

To submit a project, email us at and for inquiries call (410) 767-4490.​​