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State Clearinghouse

Clearinghouse Review Process

The Clearinghouse review process provides a one-stop forum to applicants for federal and state financial or nonfinancial assistance. It is the single point of contact (SPOC) for financial assistance, plans, and development projects in Maryland and gives citizens the opportunity to be informed and to provide comment(s) on projects as necessary.

Benefits of the Electronic Maryland Intergovernmental Review and Coordination Process (E-MIRC):

  1. The E-MIRC system is used to transmit the perspective views of state, regional, and local officials in Maryland via the Web, which allows a simple means for learning about and commenting on specific federal and state financial assistance, plan, and development project applications.

  2. It is a network of designated review coordinators working in state agencies, county, local and regional government agencies working closely with the Clearinghouse staff to provide comments concerning projects submitted to the C​learinghouse for review.

  3. In addition, the E-MIRC Review Process:
    • ​​Encourages state agencies and local governments to comment on state and federal financial assistance, plan, and development project activities;
    • Minimizes duplication of effort and conflicting actions;
    • Identifies and addresses potential inconsistencies between state, regional and local plans and objectives;
    • Facilitates the resolution of concerns and issues before project or plan implementation;
    • Strengthens communication and cooperation between various levels of government; and
    • Promotes the development of policies that are consistent with state policies, goals and objectives.​

The E-MIRC process is coordinated by the Clearinghouse.  However, if you haved questions about a program, they should be directed to the appropriate funding agency.  The E-MIRC process helps to ensure projects are consistent with Maryland public policy.

In addition, you may find that intergovernmental review requirements vary from state to state. Visitors from other states should contact their own clearinghouse for information by referring to the SPOC list​ provided by the U.S. Office of Budget and Management (OMB).

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