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State Clearinghouse

Intergovernmental Monitor

The Intergovernmental Monitor (Monitor) is maintained by the Maryland State Clearinghouse for Intergovernmental Assistance (e.g. clearinghouse), at the Maryland Department of Planning. The Monitor lists projects and proposals received by the clearinghouse for intergovernmental review, which is a process for determining consistency with state and local government policies and programs. It includes, but is not limited to, requests for federal and/or state financial assistance, state-owned real property, easements, and declarations of surplus needs, community development block grants, historic nominations, facility plans, school sites, environmental assessments, senior centers, etc.

This new version replaces the weekly reports that previously appeared on this page in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The change provides users with access to records received by the clearinghouse during the last three calendar years, which is how long a consistency determination is valid. In addition, a search feature has been added and a more detailed record is provided. To begin using, click the "Search the Intergovernmental Monitor" link under Services or click the link below.


Search the Intergovernmental Monitor


To obtain more information about the Intergovernmental Monitor, contact the clearinghouse at mdp.clearinghouse@maryland.gov by email or by calling (410)767-4490. ​​