32nd Annual Bernie Fowler Wade-in

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Senator Fowler's 32nd Annual Wade-In

As a young man in the 1950s, Bernie Fowler stood chest-deep in the Patuxent and was able to see his feet on the river bottom while netting blue crabs. Senator Fowler held the first Patuxent "wade-in" in 1988 to assess whether he could still see his feet while wading into the river. This became known as the “Sneaker Index.” His white sneakers - which he still has and uses for the annual event - disappeared from view in a disappointing 10 inches of water. Bernie Fowler, who served as Calvert County commissioner from 1970-1982 and as Maryland state senator from 1983-1994, led the 32nd Wade-In on Sunday, June 9, 2019 at the Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum​​. His sneakers were visible until he reached a depth of 47 inches – 11 inches up from the previous year and the highest recorded measurement to date. The wade-in has never really been about the number on the tape measure but the commitment to restore the Patuxent. The Wade-In has evolved into a symbol of the need for stewardship of the state's precious water resources. The cowboy hat he always wears for the Wade-In with an American flag on top reflects his love of country which is as strong as his love of the river.

Bernie's shoes 

A conversation with Bernie Fowler

The Department of Planning had the pleasure of conducting this video with Bernie Fowler in 2012 prior to his 25th annual wade-in. The senator reflected on his life-long commitment to the health of Maryland's waters and the 25 years of the annual wade-in event.​

Bernie's "depth" over the years

2015 Bernie's 'depth' over the years 

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The horizontal red line in the above chart indicates the depth at which Bernie Fowler could see his feet in the 1960s and serves as the benchmark for a restored Patuxent River. The Annual Bernie Fowler Wade-ins were held on Broomes Island from 1988 through 2009. Since 2010, this event has been held at the Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum in Saint Leonard, Maryland.

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