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Census 2010

If you are seeking census data for redistricting purposes you must use the adjusted population count located at the Redistricting Website

Raw Data

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Census 2010 Demographic Profiles(Release Date: May 26, 2011)

Data Dictionary
Geographic Level:                 Jurisdiction || Census Incorporated Place || Census Designated Place || Congressional District || Maryland State Senate District || Maryland State Legislative District

Additional 2010 Census demographic and housing characteristics are also available at the link below. Demographic profiles provide more detail for race and ethnicity, age, household relationship and housing tenure (owner vs. renter).

Census 2010 Demographic Profiles of Population and Housing Characteristics

Census 2010 Redistricting (Public Law 94-171) Data

Release Date: February 9, 2011


The Census 2010 Redistricting Summary File contains summary statistics on counts for the total population (table PL1 and PL2 - see explanation of column heading below), for the population 18 years and over, (table PL3 and P4 - see explanation of column heading below), occupancy status on housing unit and population counts by race and by Non-Hispanic origin. Data are available for many geographic areas, including states, counties, places, census tracts, and blocks.


For State of Maryland

Data are splits into two files: total population and population 18 years and over.
Geographic areas are available for states, counties, places, census tracts, block groups and blocks as following :

( Data files for state, counties, places, census tracts and block groups are in Excel (XLS) format. Data files for blocks are in Database (.DBF) format and zipped. The unzipped files are 109MB in size. The most efficient way to use the block data is saving it onto your hard drive before viewing it. )


Total Population (Table PL1 and PL2)


Population 18 Year and Over (Table PL3, PL4 and H1)


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