2019 American Community Survey - Single Year

​Jurisdiction Summary Graphs

The following graphs show detail social, demographic, economic, and housing data for each of Maryland's jurisdictions. Each subject is shown in two tables, one that contains only estimate data and another that also contains a range for the margin of error (MOE), illustrated by the black lines above and below the estimate point. All data from the American Community Survey (ACS) is reported with a margin of error as it is obtained through a survey of a sample of the population.

In the graphs containing the margins of error, if the range of error for two points do not overlap the reader can be assured that the estimates are statistically significant from one another. If their lower and upper bounds do overlap, however, the difference between the two observations may still be significant. For more information on calculating statistical significance, review the information in the "Calculations of Statistical Significance & MOEs of Combinations of ACS Data" at the State Data Center's Census web page: http://planning.maryland.gov/msdc/S7_ACS.shtml

Age, Race, Ethnicity, and Origins



Percent of people with a disability
Percent of people with a disability with MOE





Housing Characteristics and Mobility