Census 2010

The U.S. Census Bureau released local 2010 Census data on February 9, 2011, to the Maryland governor and leadership of the state legislature. Maryland's population grew by just over 477,000 between 2000 and 2010, a 9.0 percent gain to 5,773,552 from 5,296,486. The total change was ranked 15th among the 50 states, while the percent change was ranked 24th (and below the national growth rate of 9.7 percent).

Dates for subsequent releases are listed below in the product schedule.

Census 2010 Advance Group Quarters Summary File

Census 2010 Redistricting (Public Law 94-171) Data​

 Census Population Summary Files, 1970 to 2010:

Average Household Size Stabilizes in Maryland
Total Population XLS  PDF
Household Population XLS | PDF
Group Quarters Population XLS | PDF
Household Size XLS | PDF​

2010 Census Population Counts (for States only):

Resident Population of The 50 States and The District of Columbia: XLS || PDF
Charts: Population Change || Population Percent Change

2010 Census Data Products Schedule​​

2010 Census Participation Rates​


 ​​Population Density:

bulleted item2010 Maryland Population Density by Census Tract: Map
bulleted item2009 Population Density for States: PDF | Excel | Map
bulleted item2007 Population Density for the United States and States - Excel | PDF
bulleted item2000 Population, Land Area and Density For Maryland's Incorporated Places - Excel | PDF
bulleted item1990 and 2000 Population Density Per Square Mile For Maryland's Jurisdictions - Excel | PDF​​