Redistricting Requirements for Maryland

  1. Constitutional Citations
    • Congressional Redistricting: None
    • Legislative Redistricting: Article III, § 5
  2. Statutory Citations
    • Description of Current Congressional Districts: Md. Code Ann., Art. 33, §§ 22-1 to 22-10
    • Description of Current Legislative Districts: Md. State Gov't Code Ann. §§ 2-202 to 2-205
    • Other Statutes Governing Congressional or Legislative Redistricting Procedure: None
  3. Congressional Districts
    • Present Number: 8
    • Prospective Number after 2000 Census: 8
  4. State Legislative Districts
    • Senate
      Number of Districts: 47
      Number of Multimember Districts: 0
      Largest Number of Seats in a District: 1
    • House of Delegates
      Number of Districts: 63
      Number of Multimember Districts: 44
      Largest Number of Seats in a District: 3
    • House Districts Nested within Senate Districts? Yes
  5. Redistricting Requirements
    • Initial Responsibility for Drawing Congressional Districts: Constitution and statutes are silent.
    • Initial Responsibility for Drawing Legislative Districts: Governor
    • Legislative Committee Responsible for Redistricting: Standing Committee in each house, not yet designated.
    • Advisory committee used in 1980s & 1990s.
    • Gubernatorial Veto Power Over Congressional Plan? Yes
    • Gubernatorial Veto Power over Legislative Plan? No
  6. Redistricting Deadlines
    • Congressional Deadline: None
      Basis for Deadline: N/A
      Effect of Failure to Meet Deadline: N/A
    • Legislative Deadline: Governor submits plan to legislature on first day of regular session in second year following census. Legislature has 45 days to amend and adopt plan or adopt one of their own.
      Basis for Deadline: Constitution
      Effect of Failure to Meet Deadline: Plan, as introduced by Governor, goes into effect.
  7. Voting Rights Act Information for the 1990s
    Preclearance Required? No
    Justice Department Objection to Plans? N/A
  8. State Contacts
    Warren G. Deschenaux Jr. Alfred Sundara
    Executive Director Manager, Maryland State Data Center
    Dept. of Legislative Services Maryland Department of Planning
    90 State Circle 301 West Preston Street
    Annapolis, MD 21401 Baltimore, MD 21201
    (410) 946-5200 (410) 767-4002
    (410) 946-5508Fax (410) 767-4480 Fax

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