Tracking Residential Growth

Priority Funding Areas (PFAs) and Residential Single-Family Development in Maryland, 1940 to 2012

You hear a lot about sprawl development and the need to redirect investment to established communities and designated growth areas served by public utilities. The Maryland Department of Planning has data that illustrates important trends in growth patterns. How many houses are located inside of Priority Funding Areas - the places where growth is supposed to go - and how much land do they consume? Conversely, how many houses are located outside of Priority Funding Areas - places dedicated largely to agricultural preservation and resource conservation - and how much land do they consume? See the following links for the complete set of data, charts, and analysis.

Reports and Charts :

  1. Summary of Single-Family Residential Development Activity in Maryland
    Inside & Outside of Priority Funding Areas
  2. By Year: 1986-2012
  3. By Jurisdiction: 1940-2012
  4. By Acreage Interval: 1940-2012​