2013-2017 Multi-Year ACS 5-year Estimates for All Geographies


The 2013-2017 5-year American Community Survey (ACS) estimates are available as a single formatted profile and a single file containing the raw data. The formatted profiles for each geography are combined into a single Adobe Acrobat file (social, economic, housing, and demographic profiles). The raw data for a geography has been combined into a single Excel file and is presented for download at the bottom of the page and is designated by the Excel icon. ().
Note: The 2013-2017 ACS Profiles for all geographies have been combined into one Adobe Acrobat file. The social, economic, housing, and demographic profiles are found in one file. This is a change from prior years where the individual profiles were downloadable as separate files.


Social, Economic, Housing, and Demographic Profiles by Geography

United States


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Raw Data by Geography 

United States​
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