Planning Commission Education Course

Commission and Board Members Having Completed the Course

The Maryland Department of Planning would like to thank and recognize the following people who have successfully completed the planning commission, planning board and board of appeals education course, pursuant to the Smart Green & Growing Act of 2009 (see Planning Commission Education Course​ page for more information). Members could complete this requirement by taking either MDP's online or live class or a course offered by their local board or commission.

We realize that who serve on commissions and boards are volunteers, and that they care deeply about the health, safety and general welfare of their communities. Their willingness to complete an education course demonstrates their dedication, commitment and eagerness to keep pace with the many complex and exciting aspects of growth in Maryland. We appreciate all that they do for Maryland and its residents through their selfless desire to make our communities better places.

Every attempt has been made to display the most up-to-date completion information in this listing. If you notice that a name is not listed that you believe to have taken an education course, please contact Joseph Griffiths.​