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Sustainable Growth Challenge

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Accelerating Infill, Redevelopment & Community Revitalization


Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission

Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission

Annually, the commission reports on its activities and recommendations to the governor and other top state government officials. Learn more about the Commission’s structure and responsibilities.


USDA Inspected Livestock Processing Facilities in Maryland

The Growth Commission's Rural Economies Workgroup has published a map and directory of USDA inspected facilities in Maryland that process live beef cows, swine, and lamb. Learn about the workgroup and download the brochure here.


Sustainable Growth Awards

2019 Awards

The commission presented 2019 Maryland Sustainable Growth Awards to five recipients on May 7, 2019, at the Maryland State House in Annapolis. 
  photos of trophies

See this year's five Sustainable Growth award recipients and a video about each.
Prior year's award recipients



In 2010, the Maryland General Assembly established the Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission, replacing the Task Force on the Future for Growth and Development, which ran from 2007-2010. The Commission was made a permanent body to advise on growth and development issues.
Prior to the creation of the task force in 2007, there was no statewide forum where stakeholders could discuss growth and development issues and policies. The former Economic Growth, Resource Protection and Planning Commission, which was created by the 1992 Growth Act, was allowed to sunset in 2003. The creation of a permanent Commission creates a broader and more established forum to consider and make recommendations on growth and development issues.


2018-19 Sustainable Growth Challenge

The Sustainable Growth Challenge, an annual collegiate competition hosted by the Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission, engages students from across the state in planning, sustainability and reinvestment issues. Learn more and enter the challenge here.

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