Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission

2013-2014 Challenge Winners

2013 Highlights

We received 12 submissions for the 2013-2014 Sustainable Growth Challenge, the first year of this collegiate competition. Winning presentations were recognized at the Maryland Sustainable Growth Forum & Awards ceremony on February 5, 2014 in Annapolis.

First Prize

University of Maryland
Landscape Architecture
Program Design and Planning for Sea Level Change and 
Stormwater Issues on Maryland’s Eastern Shore
2014 student challenge 22050 Causeway Nature Park

Dr. Vicky Chanse, faculty adviser
Nancy Britt
Robyn Edwards 
Amy Marin
Adriana Mendoza 
Elisabeth Walker 
Travis Wierengo

Second Prize (Tie)

Montgomery College 
Department of Applied Technology – 2 teams 
Burtonsville Crossing
2014 student challenge Burtonsville Crossing
Team 1: 
Shorieh Talaat, faculty adviser 
Biniyam Bezabih 
Renzo Carranza 
Johan Lahore 
Tyler Scott
Team 2
Team 2: 
Shorieh Talaat, faculty adviser 
Ingrid Argueta 
Jill Carrington 
Christopher Estrada 
John Fernando
William Titsamp

Third Prize

Towson University
Department of Geography & Environmental Planning 
Patapsco Valley Heritage Greenway
Third Prize
Dr. Charles Goodman, faculty adviser 
Willis Fotiadis 
Elizabeth Kincaid 
Stephen Merritt 
Martin Ndegwa