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Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission

2019-2020 Sustainable Growth Challenge student competition

Some of the most creative approaches to sustainability are not originating in local planning departments, state offices, or even the nonprofit world, but from Maryland’s students. The Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission encourages students and faculty from all of Maryland's institutions of higher elarning to submit student work, completed during any 2019 semester, for consideration in the 2019-20 Sustainable Growth Challenge. On March 25, 2019, the Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission (Commission) celebrated the excellent work of four groups of students in the award ceremony for the 2019 Sustainable Growth Challenge. This year could be your year! Submissions due January 17, 2020.

About the Challenge

The Sustainable Growth Challenge, an annual collegiate competition hosted by the Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission, engages students from across the state in planning, sustainability and reinvestment issues. This summer we began reaching out to academic programs around the state to elicit their interest in this fall's competition.

The competition enables students to conduct community planning exercises, analyze economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainable growth and develop creative community solutions. The competition provides students the opportunity to interact with local leaders and engage in their own community planning processes.

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