TOD Policies and Programs

Harford County

Aberdeen Train Station

Harford County, served by two MARC Penn Line stations, directs most of its TOD efforts toward downtown Aberdeen. The City of Aberdeen and county officials are working together to create a multimodal transportation center and develop TOD initiatives around the station with the hope of expanding economic development while serving the needs of transit users and residents. The 2012 Aberdeen TOD Master Plan establishes a TOD vision for the station area. With MDOT funding, the city completed a detailed TOD feasibility study for the core part of the station area to evaluate multi-modal transportation improvements that will support TOD. With additional grants from MDOT and the Baltimore Metropolitan Council, the city developed a form-based zoning code for the designated TOD area, which will simplify zoning regulations and encourage developers to incorporate pedestrian friendly design guidelines into any future development.

The 2010 Frederick County Comprehensive Plan encourages TOD for creating high-density mixed use development near transit and calls for implementing TOD overlay zones for transit station areas. The county also created Transit-Friendly Design Guidelines for commercial and residential developments. The 2010 Comprehensive Plan includes a proposed transitway along the I-270 Corridor from Urbana to Frederick City; however, the land uses for the areas near the proposed stations are not well addressed to support TOD.

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