TOD Policies and Programs

Cecil County

Perryville's MARC stationCecil County is served by the MARC Penn Line, with a station in the Town of Perryville. The 2010 Town of Perryville Comprehensive Plan designates the MARC Station and vicinity as a priority revitalization area for mixed-use development. With help from the Wilmington Area Planning Council, town officials developed a TOD plan in 2012 for the MARC Station area, including two other nearby activity centers. The plan calls for zoning revisions to support mixed-use, pedestrian- friendly development.

To promote reintroduction of rail service to Elkton, the Town of Elkton adopted the Transit-Oriented Development Plan in 2011. The plan creates a roadmap for transforming the corridor between the proposed future train station and Main Street to a safe, multi-modal friendly environment, enhance Main Street businesses and encourage mixed-use developments.

The Town of North East, with help from the Wilmington Area Planning Council, is developing a TOD plan to support bus service and future commuter rail service. The plan will identify potential transit hub location(s) and address transit- supportive land uses and transportation improvements to promote multimodal usages and walkability around existing and future transit hubs. Cecil County strongly promotes the commuter rail extension from Newark, Delaware and Perryville to Elkton. The county’s 2010 Comprehensive Plan, the WILMAPCO 2040 Regional Transportation Plan, and the MTA’s MARC Growth & Investment Plan Update all call for such an extension in the long term. In addition, the County emphasizes its vision and support for TOD land use and development around future transit stations in Elkton, North East and Perryville in its Comprehensive Plan.



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