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Jobs and Income

​​The jobs and income section has personal income estimates from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis for states (quarterly and annual) and Maryland counties (annual). Jobs by place of work data from the U.S. BEA are available for states and Maryland counties annually.

Also available from this site are annual job estimates for Maryland (and other states) from the current employment statistics(CES) program. There is a difference in coverage between the BEA and CES data. The BEA series is more comprehensive in that it includes federal military, railroad, household, agricultural, and other workers not covered by the unemployment insurance system. In addition, the BEA data includes estimates of proprietors. As a result, BEA job estimates will always be significantly higher than job estimates from the CES program.

The County Business Patterns data on this site are an analysis of high tech and biotech establishments available at the zip code level.

U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)
Jobs and Income Data for U. S. and Maryland's Jurisdictions:
Source: Bureau of Economic Anaysis

About the Data

Current Employment Estimates (CES)
Wage and Salary Jobs by Place of Work:
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

About the Data

2013 IRS Individual Income Tax Returns by Zip Codes (3/16)
Source: Internal Revenue Service

Earned Income Tax Credit Filers Reflect High Poverty ZIP Codes for Female Headed Families

Data Tables :

County and Zip Code Business Patterns:
Source: U.S. Census Bureau