Local Planning Contacts

Caroline County
Katheleen Freeman
Caroline County
Department of Planning, Codes and Engineering
Health & Public Services Building, Suite 210
403 South 7th Street
Denton, MD 21629
Email: kfreeman@carolinemd.org
Office: 410-479-8100

Caroline County - Municipalities
Thomas Batchelor
Town of Denton
Planning and Codes Department
4 N. Second Street
Denton, MD 21629
Email: tbatchelor@dentonmaryland.com
Office: 410-479-2050

James Beauchamp
Town Manager
Town of Goldsboro
P.O. Box 132
Goldsboro , MD 21636
Email: goldsboro@comcast.net
Office: 410-482-8805

Cindy Burns
Circuit Rider & Town Manager
Town of Henderson
P.O. Box 10
Henderson, MD 21640-0010
Email: hendsandy@comcast.net
Office: 410-482-2193

Cindy Burns
Circuit Rider & Town Manager
Town of Templeville
P.O. Box 25
Templeville , MD 21670-0025
Email: nedpepper.knotts4@gmail.com
Office: 410-482-8680

Shirley Greene
Town Manager
Town of Federalsburg
P.O. Box 471
Federalsburg, MD 21632
Email: shirley@federalsburg.org
Office: 410-754-8173

David Kibler
Town Manager
Town of Greensboro
111 South Main Street
P.O. Box 340
Greensboro, MD 21639-0340
Email: david.kibler@greensboromd.com
Office: 410-482-6222
Website: www.greensboromd.com/planning.html

Cary Malkus
Town of Ridgely
Planning & Zoning
2 Central Avenue
P.O. Box 710
Ridgely, MD 21660-0710
Email: carflomalkus@comcast.net
Office: 410-634-2177

Donald Mulrine
Town of Denton
Department of Planning & Codes
4 North Second Street
Denton, MD 21629

Stacey Pindell
Town Clerk
Town of Preston
Town Hall
105 Backlanding Road
P. O. Box 91
Preston, MD 21655-0091
Email: townclerk@preston-ct.org
Office: 410-673-7929

Emily Shockley
Clerk/Tax Collector
Town of Marydel
P.O. Box 81
Marydel, MD 21649-0081
Email: rowe.debbie@comcast.net
Office: 410-482-2394

Melinda Stafford
Clerk & Treasurer
Town of Hillsboro
P.O. Box 128
Hillsboro, MD 21641-0128
Email: hillsboromd@gmail.com
Office: 443-448-4882